Saturday, November 27, 2010

Traffic Lights

~ Traffic Lights ~

Red light red light what do you say ?
I say STOP stop stop stop
Yellow light yellow light what do you say ?
I say WAIT wait wait wait
Green light green light what do you say ?
I say GO go go go .

I still remember the days when my lil one had
started school & the first poem she learnt was
'The Colors of the Traffic Lights '.Even today
whenever we stop at any red signal she never
forgets to recite these lines ..Ahh childhood !!
This quick to assemble colorful fruit sandwich
will surely add fun to ur lil's ones breakfast...

Fruity Traffic Lights Sandwich

Sandwich filled with Peanut butter & apple chunks ,topped
with colorful apples (cut the colorful slices from the sides of the
apples , dab a little PB to fix to the bread )


  1. Oh how cute and inventive!! A good way to get the kids to eat fruit, too! I don't think I've ever heard that song!

  2. Hi Smita,

    How thoughtful of ypu...Great way to entertain kids during food time...:)


  3. Thats lovely ... Great idea. Never tasted a fruit sandwich before , would love to try it soon !!!

  4. hey this was one of the very first poem my daughter learnt too and i agree we still recite this during signal breaks---lovely and inventive fruit salad !

  5. Wonderful Idea.....

  6. Great way to enjoy simple things...Wonderful

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Am goin to try this today to delight my cutie..thanx for sharing dear..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  8. what a lovely traffic light sandwich..... love it dear....

  9. delicious presentation looks wonderful

  10. woderful idea and nice presentation child as well as all are impressed.

  11. Soo cute and beautiful looking edible traffic lights..

  12. lovely and adorable as usual keep it up smita!

  13. That traffic lights look so cute. A great idea!

  14. That's cool..lovely traffic light on the plate :-)

  15. hi,
    great and awesome. if v apply traffic signals to this site, never apply red signal. just keep on lighting only green signal so that v will be able to learn new innovative receipe to please our kids. go green always never stop. ok doing great and wow.

  16. How clever to tie together the poem and the apples. We grow so many wonderful apples in this part of the USA, so this could easily be on our menus.

    Thank you for stopping by my grandson's blog, Diary of a Coo Coo Kid. Thoughtful of you.



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