Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry christmas-2

Merry Christmas-2

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.
In the eyes of children , they are 30 feet tall "

Christmas season seems incomplete without a
beautifully adorned christmas tree . The vibrantly
decorated evergreen coniferous tree with all the
family members around is surely the most cherished
moment of the holidays.While kids are busy decorating
their tress and adorning the walls with their beautiful
Xmas coloring pages won't it be wonderful to add a
dash of holidays on their edibles too ?????

All around the Christmas tree ..

Bread, Capsicum , mayonnaise, savory snack stars
Crustless white bread (egg sandwich) topped with capsicum Xmas
trees(draw the shape on the capsicum with a toothpick & cut out
with a sharp knife) , decorated with tiny mayonnaise dots.


  1. Awesome ! Awesome! Awesome !!!!!!!!! Your creations leave me speechless.. so simple yet so enchanting .

  2. How adorable!! And two sizes of trees, too!!

  3. sweetest decoration ever ! calls to the child in me !!

  4. Evergreen Christmas tree...very beautiful

  5. cutie pie and adorable decoration very artistically done.

  6. Adorable! That was another cutie..

  7. Very cute and nice idea.. beautiful creation everytime i visit here...

  8. YAY I reckon i could copy this one too. soo pretty. thanks smita!

  9. So pretty & very makeable . Smita I had made your Santawich for my kids
    yesterday & they loved it. Thanks for sharing such lovely do- able ideas !!!

    - Kisses

  10. hi smita, had a wonderful time demonstrating ur zoo sandwiches @ school!!! Thanks a lot !!!!
    i have blogged about it!!!! have a look :)


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