Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas-3

Merry Christmas-3
The Little Gingerbread House

I made a house of gingerbread , it was so sugary treat
It took me all day long to make , but lasted just a week
Monday- I ate the ceiling ,Tuesday - I ate the door
Wednesday I ate the windows ,Thursday- I ate the floor
Friday - I ate all four walls ,Saturday -I ate the lawn
Sunday,I licked up the crumbs
My gingerbread house is gone ....... (source)

(The poem truly reflects my little ones desire..lols)

Making your very own gingerbread house is not
just fun but a perfect family activity too.Besides
making an enchanting centerpiece its a wonderful
canvas to outpour your kids creativity. Even if you
are not a great baker ,this quick n easy to assemble
cookie(biscuit) no bake miniature will surely be a
great hit with the little ones.

Little Kingdom
For the house- any readymade cookies (I've used Parle-G &
Britannia Nice Time) , candies & cookies (Cadburys Gems ,colorful
sprinkles ,wafer sticks (chimney) ,Betty Crocker green fruit rollup,
coconut powder (for snow)& Royal icing(the edible glue to join
up the cookies & the decorations, Santa & tree xmas decorations .
(Usually the royal icing is filled in a bag n then piped , but piping
out with appropriate pressure was little difficult for my daughter ,
so we just used a skewer & a butter knife to put the icing )


  1. These are so sweet! I never would be able to eat them!! Did you?

  2. Thanks Ginny ...... ahhh true I cant eat them either !! but my lil one is eager to taste it asap, n of course the other one shes reserved it for her friend .

    The poem on top truly reflects my kid's desire ...Lols

  3. Such a creative dish... Your presentation of food is so... gud, i would use them as a decoration... but cant really eat these beautiful work of art!

  4. oh...this is so cute n too good to eat...nice decoration and lovely click!

  5. Hey Smita,

    That looks cho chweet..Love your work!!:)Check out the event in my place!!:)


  6. beautiful houses are looking cute nice presentation

  7. that`s beautiful!

    have a nice time,

  8. stupenda!!!! bellissimo scoprirti e seguirti!!! un bacio

  9. so so so so beautiful. I like mini gingerbred house.

  10. Beautiful work dear, loved ur christmas treats.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous.. Hope u and ur little one enjoyed so much ...

  12. Amazing,Superb,Excellent hey dear i run short of words to describe yr Imaginations&Creations.

  13. truly creative n talented--extra ordinar !!

  14. extremely extremely extremely cute.. you are super creative :)

  15. Hello Smita
    I am a new entrant to ur blog and loved peeking in here..I am so jealous of u..u r so talented and creative. ur daughter is lucky..i will be a regular here and adding u to my must read list

  16. Ginger bread house is so cute it looks wonderful and so magical.

  17. Beautiful! A little wonderland of goodies! I'm sure so much fun to make for you and your daughter!

  18. Beautiful :) I'm going to link this at MM

  19. What creative idea you get Smita. Love the simple and easily available ingredients used to make this awesome house.

  20. I am first time here.Loved your blog and you're so very creative.

  21. ur fruit x'mas tree looks delicious!


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