Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

~ Happy Fathers Day ~

I love you , Dad and want you to know
I feel your love wherever I go .
Whenever I have problems , you are there to assist,
The ways you have helped me would make quite a list .
- from Star Dad by Karl Fuchs

Today is Fathers Day , a day set aside to honor the
great man , and the pillar of the family , our Father .......
While half the world is busy celebrating the occasion
and the other half of the globe is still getting geared
up with the preparations -it still isn't too late to share
all the fun we had , making the dad at our home feel
the so very very special :) :)

We wanted to pep up the day with some cute DIY stuff ,
& surely our Moustachey theme proved perfect
to give him a good laugh & a lovely treat !!!


Whole wheat bread , cheese, olive , cucumber & carrot
(Cut out a mustache on a piece of paper to serve as ur
stencil guide , place the cutout on the cheese slice & cut
out the shape using a toothpick( believe me its easier to
cut cheese into fancy shapes via toothpick), make
a few lines on the cheesy mustache for the hairy look . )

( or Moustache cookies :) : )

What about some funky cookies ?????? Not much time to bake .....
not an issue at all , these cuties just need 10-15 mins & jus 3
basic ingredients to pep up ......

Ingredients - Your favorite cookies, some tempered chocolate , a few
M&Ms or gems candy is all that you need ..

Sketch a few mustaches on a piece of paper , keep an acetate sheet on top .
Fill a piping bag with some tempered chocolate & pipe the chocolate all over
the drawing. Pipe a few circles for the nose too . Make tiny dots on the candies
for the eyeballs . Refrigerate everything for a couple of mins . Once
set , peel your chocolate art & stick on the cookies with
some melted chocolate.

Moustache chocopops

If you have some mustache shape candy molds go ahead n
have some more fun with all the Big n lil daddys !!!


  1. As usual Smitha very very cute and artisitic and beautiful and ofcourse very creative.No one can replace a wonderful father who does so much to raise us very high inspite of all his difficulties without showing it and smiling cheerfully and showering all his blessings on us. Wish u too a ver very Happy Fathers Day. I do miss my loving father very much who is smiling at me from above.

  2. OMG ..... these are absolutely gorgeous n surely so very simple to make . U are truly a food genius !!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and artistic!!! The pictures say it all!!! Happy Fathers Day!!! :)

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  5. So creative and wonderful looking.......!!!

  6. This is really interesting…

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  8. Very cute and innovativ as usual!!!

  9. Awesome and very creative idea!!!

    We would like to publish this 'Moustache cookies' in our blog - (a blog of bedtime stories for children).

    I promise to link back to your original article and hope you will allow that :)


    1. Thanks for liking. Pl feel free to use the content with a linkback . - Smita

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