Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Melon Pops

~ Watermelon Pops~

There is nothing better than having a slice of juicy
watermelon on a hot summer day...relished by young
and old alike this delectable thirst quencher is
a concentrated source of vitamins A&C, lycopene
and powerful antioxidants . Inspired by the luscious
watermelons , dripping juicy pops & Sweetest occasions
these divine pops will surely leave your little
ones asking for more. Pick a few wooden skewers
& get ready to transform the magical summer booty
into a heart winning healthy treat .

~Summer on a stick~
Watermelon pops

Watermelon slice, few sticks /skewers , few mint leaves

Cut 8 wedges from a slice of watermelon , skew on a wooden
stick & refrigerate for a few minutes. Top with a mint leaf .
( go ahead & dab a drop of honey if the mint doesn't hold on
to the chilled treat)

A hot Summer day & some
Vegan Watermelon Onion salad

For this dairy free version - Chop a large slice of
watermelon into bite size chunks , mix in a sliced onion ,
a tsp of lemon juice , a tsp finely chopped mint & season
with some sea salt & freshly crushed pepper
Chill for few minutes & enjoy the juicy goodness.


  1. I would love to have one RIGHT NOW!

  2. Me too...They look so refreshing and apt for this weather :-)

  3. Simple, attractive and refreshing pops :-)

  4. Refreshing Pops.


  5. How lovely ... the lollypops n the salad look absolutely gorgeous


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