Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Dusshera

~Happy Dusshera ~

Vijaydashmi commonly known as Dusshera is one of the 
most important festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm 
throughout India. The day  is celebrated to commemorate the
 victory of Lord Rama over the ten headed demon king Ravana.
 Besides this, the day also marks the victory of Goddess Durga
 over the demons. The festival of Dusshera spreads the 
message of victory of truth and goodness over evil. 

Ravana - the ten headed demon 

As per the Hindu mythology king Rama along with his 
younger brother Laxman  and a huge army of monkeys headed
by monkey deity Hanuman fought a great battle to get Sita, his 
abducted wife back from the demon. The entire narrative is 
beautifully  recorded in the religious epic Ramayana. Several 
plays and performances known as Ramleela are performed
 throughout the fortnight. Actors dress up in colorful masks and 
attire and beautifully enact the life and chivalry of Rama.

Ravana, the primary antagonist of epic Ramayana was a great
 scholar, his ten heads depict his immense knowledge and power
but his unethical desires and proud transformed  him to a demon. 
His 10 heads depict lust, anger, delusion, greed, pride , envy ,
 destructive mind and intellect ,  ill will and ego. Huge effigies of 
Ravana are burnt to remind the mortals that it is very necessary 
to channelize our five senses and five bodily instruments into 
the right direction. 

The share of Dusshera ...... 

We are currently enjoying a Dusshera break here !! While my 
daughter was busy playing with her friends I decided to 
treat them the Little Food Junction way. Watching the tiny hands 
sharing ,eating and laughing is definitely festivity at its best. 

 Garlic and white bean dip ,crackers and veggies.
Eyes- cheese and capers ( use a small piece of straw to cut tiny 
circles), moustache and brow- radish greens, hands- carrot and olives , 
dress - red bell pepper, ground - cucumber shavings (using a peeler)

May Almighty keep showering his blessings upon you, 
To make  your life  prosperous and trouble free throughout.
Happy Dusshera to all my dear readers !!!  

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