Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mission Mars ...

~ India's First Mars Mission~

Today is the red letter day or Red planet day  for India. 
India's Mars Orbitter Mission (MOM) successfully entered 
the Mars orbit this morning at 7:41am IST ,making my country
 become the first Asian nation to reach the red planet. The 
special orbiter craft called Mangalyaan (the Sanskrit word for
 Mars vehicle) is till date the cheapest interplanetary ever 
at about $75 million. Our Prime Minster Mr Narendra Modi 
congratulated the space research ISRO scientists stating that
 he had complete confidence over their hard work after all 
"MOM would never disappoint". Today is surely a moment 
of pride of all of us !! 

MOM enters Martian Orbit 

Since morning my daughter and I had been over excited, we 
switched on the television set right at dawn. Her eyes and attention
 were glued to the screen even while getting ready for school , I'm glad 
I had been following the MOM updates quite keenly owing to which 
I was able to answer  hundreds of questions pouring out off and 
on till shes was finally off to school. 

I decided to add some fun and celebrate the successful mission 
the Little Food Junction way........With watermelon , oranges ,
 a few seasonal veggies and some star shaped crisps in hand 
I loved playing with food !!! The fruit plate is all ready and set on 
the table, just waiting for my little pilot to be back from school 
and let the non nom begin !! 

"MOM "- we love you !! 

Watermelon, carrot , radish , orange, star crisps and tiny 
cheese circles

Back from school - daughter thoroughly enjoyed the fruit art !!  
I had to request her to pose for some pics before gulping down the 
 spaceship, sun , tiny planets and stars. Indeed a  day well spent !! 


  1. What a stunning post!!! The fruit art Looks awesome :)

  2. jus awesome..Mr.Modi will be proud to see tis plate

    1. Thanks Kalpana ...Oh I wish I could send him a pic of it :) :)

  3. Jaja, que IMAGINACIÓN, y que NIÑAS tan BONITAS tienes!!! :))))


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