Friday, September 19, 2014

Pirate day

~Pirate on my plate~

" Ahoy Matey , yer on a blog dedicated t' food art
T' mark this 'Talk like a pirate day' make a yummy
sandwich t' yer sprogs ...."

My little one and I have a deep affection towards sea, the
 lively underwater creatures, sparkling dusky sand and tides. 
We can spend hours and hours at the beach just watching the 
ebb and flow of the surging waves and collecting gorgeous
 sea shells or spending our day on the adventurous  rides of ferry 
and catamarans  ripping through  boisterous winds and waves .
Often the strong winds and the hustle bustle during these
 trips makes us think about the lives and adventures of 
the pirates !! 

 YO HO Lets GO !!!!!

Pirate- Bread topped with red pepper cap with cheese polkas
( use a piece of straw to make perfect tiny circles),organic radish 
green, olives, cucumber, carrot and capsicum . Parrot- Kiwi, olive 
and bell pepper. 

 Very few of us are aware that International  Talk like a pirate
 Day is celebrated on September 19th every year. Lil one
 is a great fan of Jack and the neverland pirates, a Disney 
animation series based on the famous book and play by British
author J.M. Barrie thus a pirate theme lunch was perfect 
to mark the occasion. With a big smile and acting like Jake,  she 
lifted the plated and said "Yo ho lets go"...and I in an equal happy
Cubby's tone just said "Oh Coconuts". 

Boat appetizers - scooped tomatoes filled with seasoned sprouts
 and some green chutney ,topped with tiny bell pepper  masts and placed
 on a bed of shredded purple cabbage. 


Questions?? Comments !! Its a pleasure to hear from you :) :)


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