Friday, November 21, 2014

Little Fox

~Welcoming Winters ~

Winter has almost set in  many northern parts of the 
country .While cold winds from the mountains have lowered 
the temperatures drastically, bright afternoon sun, hot cocoa
 and loads of blooming flowers have beautifully spread their
 warmth to welcome the season. Winters in India are much 
different to their western  counterparts. Winters here 
are synonymous to afternoon family excursions-a sunny 
weekend  in park , picnic with kids or just lazying in sun .
Our winter excursion list has been made by my daughter 
this time and as expected - visit to the zoo topped the list. 
Besides regular animals  we were lucky to spot a tiny baby
 fox this time, the cute creature mesmerized my daughter so 
much that back home I decided to create one on her plate .

Baby Fox on my plate !! 

Whole wheat bread topped with peanut butter, strawberry
black grape, orange  and kiwi. 

The cold wave from the mountains has brought loads of 
persimmons, strawberries and grapes . The large box of 
strawberries and black grapes that we had picked up for a hearty
 fruit salad became the ear and features of our peanut butter fox. 

My family is crazy over strawberries ,besides adding the 
antioxidant powerhouses  to our smoothies, shakes and parfaits, 
I love sprinkling some finely chopped chunks to my daily bowl 
of oatmeal too. Before finally bidding adieu to these divine booties 
by end of march, I never forget to freeze a bagful for the rest of 
the year. 

Cheer a Child
( campaign for the underprivileged by Real Greetings)
It's very necessary to teach our little ones to count our blessings
 and thank Almighty for it and share the joy of festivities with
 the underprivileged. Recently India's preferred packaged fruit
 juice brand Real hosted a family day for  Prayas kids NGO 
This mega initiative by  Real Greetings -  "Cheer a Child"was a 
wonderful way to put some smiles on the tiny faces. Real Juice 
India handed over token quantity of real juices against  all the
 wishes received by the campaign on different social platforms. 


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