Saturday, December 13, 2014

Xmas time !!

~ Merry Christmas -1~

Christmas is all about spending time with family, taking
 out kids for an adventure walk, making tonnes of christmas 
crafts or just lazying around with them at home and watching a
  wonderful movie of their liking. Adventure walk was surely on
 top of our things to do list but owing to some ongoing projects n
 some pre festive assignments ,daughter and I decided to stay at
 home ,watch her favorite movie and munch on some easy peasy
 x-mas cuties at home ....

X-mas buddies ....

Crackers topped with cheese, tomato , olive and red berries 
(Indian ber) with savory star snack . 

While picking up tomatoes from the local market yesterday,
the pointed tips of a local Roma type variety set my creative 
juices to thinking , while driving back I turned off the music
to keep the upcoming ideas intact in my mind- I know it 
sounds crazy but this is what creative addiction is all about!

Back home we enjoyed the movie truly Christmas style !!!
Movies are incomplete without hot buttery popcorns , I quickly 
popped some southern spice  flavored ones and brought it to life 
with tomato and olives. Of course no one loves to be disturbed 
between the climax of a movie , but it was nothing less than a 
surprise when kiddo paused the movie and made a cute face 
with a loud loving "Awwwwww "....exclamation and kept 
admiring the Rudolph  before finally popping the popcorn .

Xmas popcorn !! 

Popcorn, olives, halved tomato and cucumber


    Gracias por aportar siempre una nota de alegría y de color en la red.


Questions?? Comments !! Its a pleasure to hear from you :) :)


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