Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leps' world

Go Green 
( Crazy over Leprechauns !!) 

Spring is the season of new beginnings. The
 trees that had shed all their leaves in the winter 
frost, come to life again. Vibrant colourful flowers,
 glossy leaves with butterflies and bees hovering
 all over the bright hued mustard fields and cool 
breeze makes everything so lovely. My daughter
 is enjoying her spring  break these days,besides
 spending her time playing outdoor games with 
friends she loves reading loads of storybooks.
Few months back a friend coming from Dublin
 presented a big book of Leprechaun Stories 
to her and since then darling daughter has been
 gaga over the tiny orange bearded creature.

Leprechaun Lunch 

Leprechauns are tiny fairies in Irish folklore.
Usually depicted as old  men with orange hair 
and beard, they are the ones  responsible for
 hiding gold pot at the end of the rainbows.They 
love the three leaf clover and often adorn it over 
their outfits and hats.

Leprechaun lunch

Bread, carrot shavings, cucumber, olive n grapes.

Although we don't celebrate St Patricks day or the
Leprechaun dress ups  here in India but I decided to pep
up a cute lunch and some leprechaun inspired crudities 
to add a fun element to her spring break.


I always believe that creating fun foods is the best 
way to inculcate the habit of healthy eating in kids. 
Over all these years daughter has enjoyed fun meals 
and from a fussy toddler she has grown up to 
loving fruits and veggies. I am so glad that at every 
visit to the veggie market/store, its not only me but
 us who choose, select and pick up the best fruits
 and loads veggies for our family, Surely a 
mission accomplished !!!!  

Lep crudities 

Leprechaun crudities

Mung bean dip with carrot, cucumber and grapes. 

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