Thursday, April 23, 2015

~Oatmeal Fun-1 ~

~ Oatmeal Fun-1 ~ 

A big bowl of oatmeal with loads of diced 
seasonal fruits and a light drizzle of honey 
is my most loved breakfast. Over the years 
the Indian market has seen a sudden boost in 
the oatmeal sector, from plain oats to flavored 
from sweet toppings to savoury Indian versions, 
the humble bowl of oatmeal has come a long 
way. Oats is nothing less than a power food, 
being rich in dietary fibre, it helps one feel 
fuller for a much longer period of time and 
makes a perfect kid friendly breakfast too.If 
your child turns up his nose at the bowl of 
plain/regular oatmeal get ready to play 
and boost its nutritional value with some 
colourful  fruits.

The Oaty Fox

jumping fox

Cooked oatmeal with sliced green apple, sliced 
banana ,strawberries ,black grapes and pepitas.

Many a times parents ignore 
the role of adding a fun element to food but 
involving them or taking out extra 2 mins to 
make  their foods cute and inviting surely 
works in the long run. A colorful customised 
meal for them is a great way to encourage kids
 to eat healthy.My daughter loves oatmeal and
today we decided to breathe in some life to the
bowl of goodness. As a toddler she loved the
famous Aesop fable of 'The fox and the grapes'
so we decided to add some grapes to make our
oaty fox happy !!


Cooked Oatmeal with sliced green apple, sliced 
banana and strawberries and black grapes. 

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