Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Childrens Day

~ Happy Children's Day ~ 
The Seascape Party !!! 

Little Food Junction wishes all the kids 
a very Happy Childrens' day !!! 

Children's day (in India) is celebrated on 14 th November
 each year. The day commemorates the birthday of our first
 Prime Minister ,Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who  loved kids
 and believed that they are the future of our country and 
should be nurtured and loved dearly, as a tribute to 
which his birthday is celebrated as children's day. Kids 
and their love for water goes hand in  hand thus 
nothing could be better than throwing a tiny 
Sea themed party with  super simple yet healthy
 recipes  that can be made in a jiffy  !!!!

Mr Octopus Sandwich 


2 slices whole wheat bread roundels filled with lettuce and 
scrambled egg , topped with radish & olive eyes, cucumber 
mouth and eight red pepper tentacles.  

Orange Goldfish 

Orange sliced topped with grape eyes, radish mouth , 
olive gills.Weeds with  cucumber and apple. 

Tomato  Boats 
Row row row your boats and gulp it all the way !! 

Hollowed tomatoes filled with seasoned hung yogurt
(greek yogurt) with dill topped with pepper triangles . 

It was fun do create special children's day fun foods
 for  Child Magazine (India) , Nov issue 12-14
.......its raining seas everywhere !!  

 Check out the creations on The Hindu - Metro plus too 


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