Monday, June 25, 2018

Crabby Times

Crabby On My Plate ~ 

Summers are incomplete without fun and 
loads of fresh fruits and veggies !! The fun surely doubles 
when instead of apples and bananas you have a big cute 
all vegan crabby sitting cosily and waiting for the nom
 nom nom to  begin .......

My vegan Crab 

Over few months many new projects and professional 
commitments kept me away from blogging, but 
food art once again came as an answer to kiddos 
summer vacation boredom ....Besides natural 
excursions and photography ,playing with food 
is equally satisfying for me  !! The fun element 
truly never lets my inner child die :) 

Seas and backwaters have their own charm. Cool
 wind, swaying coconut trees, sound of waves , the
 soothing sand and of course collecting seashells
 and watching the tiny red brown crabs crawling all
 over the beach is just so therapeutic...... n our 
crab food art is undoubtedly inspired from
 the crustaceans.....
Do check out our maiden attempt to the step by 
step slideshow too .......


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