Monday, August 5, 2019

~Snake time ~

~ Snake Time !! ~ 

The Indian subcontinent is a home to several species 
of highly venomous snakes and several non -venomous 
ones too. An integral part of Indian culture , the snakes 
called  naags in local language are not only considered 
divine but are also referred to as messengers of deities. 
The Hindu belief revolves around showing compassion 
towards every living object - from trees to animals 
from mountains to rivers ,the different aspects of nature 
are worshipped from time to time to remind the mankind 
that human beings  and nature are irrevocably bound 
together for co-existence .

The snake snack time 

Cucumber , Pear , green olives, red bell pepper

In olden days when life revolved around farming and
cattle grazing, rains served nothing less than divine 
blessing and to celebrate this joy people started the 
tradition of thanking the rain God through several
 rituals and festivals. With  amalgamation of various 
cultures and advancement of technology, the 
festivities took new turns from time to time  but 
the spirit of celebration always remained intact.

  During the rainy season when  nature looks best
 in most vivid colors of green the temples too 
display the brightest paraphernalia - wild 
fruits, flowers and  colourful lotus at almost all
temple and florist shops quietly spell the divine 
connection between man and nature. 

Today while many Indian devotees worshipped and 
celebrated the festival of snakes (Naag Panchmi) , 
we decided to create a food art to spread the message -
that snakes are an important part of our ecological
 system and we must liberate ourselves from
the misconceptions that revolves around the 
slithery reptile.  

Most  snakes that pop up in parks and gardens
 during rains are not poisonous cobras but harmless
non venomous ones, as informed citizens let us offer 
our reverence by educating people not to panic,
instead call the local wildlife conservation office 
for rescue. Co existence is the key for a safer greener
 world and together we can save thousands of snakes 
that are brutally killed during every rainy season !! 

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