Monday, August 19, 2019

World Photography Day

~World Photography Day ~

The annual celebration of the art and science of 
photography or in simplest words World Photography
 Day is celebrated worldwide on 19th of  August with
 much zeal and excitement. Photography is much 
beyond a hobby or a passion, its nothing less than a 
magic to travel back into time , feel the same love and 
re live the moments that had slipped from life once 
again .Almost 180 years back today 'the daguerreotype'
photographic process was made free to the world by 
French Government for people to share their world 
with the world and hence the celebration for this
 day continues till today. 

Love is a Camera .... 

Crackers and bagel 

'Photography is a love affair with life' - over the years 
this love affair has drastically seasoned my observation
 skills and made me learn how to find extraordinary  
at most ordinary locations , it has taught me that the 
photographic aptitude has little to do with the things
 one sees instead it revolves around how one sees. 
From following the photography rules during  the
 early years to listening to my head , heart and eye 
in unison is surely what I have gained over the years . 

My love for photography goes back to my school 
days when I loved to spend endless hours with 
dad's camera , clicking and impatiently waiting for the 
pictures to be processed and choosing  the best 
to  display on the soft board in my study room. 
Later I joined College of Arts and my passion for 
photography  and visual arts got a new direction. 

Right from college days I had a keen interest towards 
table top photography  that later paved way for 
blogging , food art, styling and food photography. 
Over the years I got opportunity to work with 
several clients of repute and setting up my own 
well equipped work area. Besides photography , 
I'm equally passionate about creating food art 
which of course this blog is all about !!

Oh did I tell you that I absolutely love to scribble
 myfun food ideas in a big sketch pad which I fine
 tune and put to plate whenever time permits, 
but strangely this design of camera food art 
happend impromptely on the kitchen counter,
 went on plate and got shot in flat 10 mins !!

Happy World Photography day to everybody  who
loves to click and see the same world differntly !!! 

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