Monday, August 26, 2019

Rain Stories

~Rain stories ~

The gushes of cool winds and unpredictable 
showers since last few days have  breathed in life to 
almost everything, giving much needed respite from
 the heat and humidity the rains have awoken a 
whole new world around us !!! Hundreds of crawlies
under our feet and an equal number of them
buzzing under the clear blue skies seem to have
  transformed the mundane city lands to 
temporary green abodes !!! 

Dragonflies everywhere 

Tomatoes , cucumber , cheese , carrots 

A walk down the nearby park yesterday gave 
me immense opportunity to capture the riot of 
monsoon colours ... without disturbing the mating bugs
 or the baby dragon fly with slightly wet wings I tried
 capturing them in their best abodes. Last year the 
park had a huge variety of wild mushrooms almost 
under every  tree but looks like I need to wait a little 
more this year to capture the hoody beauties. 

The beautiful weather of August makes it one of the
 most beautiful months of the year- sudden
showers of rain every now and then, wild flowers 
in full glory and moist green grass in every 
nook and corner gives  the perfect excuse to 
click innumerable pictures. This month holds a 
special placein my heart too - it was in Aug 
2009 that I started blogging and had created
 Little Food Junction to exhibit my food arts . 
The month played a special role yet again in 
 2013 when my maiden book 'Fun food for Fussy 
Little Eaters' got  published by RPS  London. 

Fun food for fussy little eaters

 Even after doing several projects till date , 
this book is closest to my heart. I still cherish the 
 endless hours that were spent  working on the
 themes, right from scribbling the ideas to finally 
giving them the final look - each page has 
some finest memory attached to it that takes 
me down the beautiful fun food times !!
The idea of this dragonfly food art was originally 
scribbled for the book but didn't take shape then. 
Hence as an ode to all the blogging years this 
food art was much apt before bidding adieu
 to Aug '19. 

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